Fifa 14 Player Duplication

Instructions - Read Below

Hi I'm Simon and I have the easiest and most reliable way that I can duplicate your Fifa players. 

Unfortunately I have recently been sacked by EA themselves, however they have not removed my details from their server. Luckily for you this means that I can supply members of the Fifa community with duplicates of their players.

HOW IT WORKS: I shall be duplicating players until my details have been removed from the servers, so hurry before its too late. Fill out the form to the left and I shall duplicate any player of your choice from your squad. 

However I urge all users to use this generator effectively and efficiently in order to make millions. Please do not spam as this slows down the process.

As this is one of the only working generators around please do not abuse it. I shall duplicate all submissions within 24 hours. Thank you and enjoy your players!

Be aware this duplicating system only works on the Xbox consoles!
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